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How to be a Good Lover How to be a Good Lover
By Bodleian Library the

Hardback, 96 pages
121 x 93 x 11 mm
ISBN 9781851242801

RRP £4.99
Publication 05 Sep 2012

How should men and women embark on a new relationship? Is it acceptable to flirt? What gifts are appropriate for a fiancee? How should one announce an engagement? Aimed at the romantically inclined in the 1930s, this charming self-help guide is dedicated to the etiquette of choosing, wooing and winning a prospective partner.

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Can Onions Cure Ear-Ache? Can Onions Cure Ear-Ache?
By William BuchanMelanie KingRobert Winston

Hardback, 208 pages
199 x 139 x 22 mm
ISBN 9781851243822

RRP £14.99
Publication 05 Sep 2012

Although plenty of Dr Buchan's advice is still sound today, much is amusing, and some is downright dangerous, this edited selection from one of the first medical self-help manuals gives a fascinating insight into popular treatments of the eighteenth century, derived both from folklore and the emerging medical science of the day.

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Anglicanus Ortus Anglicanus Ortus
By Henry of HuntingdonWinston Black

Hardback, 600 pages
235 x 156 x 41 mm
ISBN 9781851242849

RRP £135.00
Publication 30 May 2012

This book presents the first English verse translation of Henry of Huntingdon's recently-discovered Anglicanus ortus, opening a new window onto this important English author as well as onto the uses of poetry and the knowledge of medicine in medieval England.

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A Dance Through Time A Dance Through Time
By Jeremy Barlow

Paperback, 96 pages
246 x 172 x 12 mm
ISBN 9781851242993

RRP £16.99
Publication 18 May 2012

This richly illustrated account is an enchanting survey of dance illustration through the ages. It examines how, over the centuries, artists and illustrators have represented dance in a stylized and often humorous manner, and is a unique volume for anyone interested in dance or social and cultural history.

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The Curious World of Dickens The Curious World of Dickens
By Clive HurstViolet Moller

Paperback, 112 pages
195 x 192 x 14 mm
ISBN 9781851243846

RRP £15.99
Publication 15 May 2012

This book celebrates the greatest of English novelists by illustrating his abiding preoccupations. It reproduces extracts from the novels alongside a selection of the original covers, their illustrations and all the paraphernalia of nineteenth-century advertising, breathing life into the vibrant world of Dickens and his characters.

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Titanic Calling Titanic Calling
By Michael HughesKatherine Bosworth

Hardback, 192 pages
191 x 181 x 21 mm
ISBN 9781851243778

RRP £14.99
Publication 14 Apr 2012

Drawing on the Marconi Archives in the Bodleian Library, the most extensive record of wireless communications, this book recounts the fateful events of April 1912 using complete transcripts of the messages to re-tell this legendary story as it was first heard.

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A Facsimile Edition of the Vernon Manuscript A Facsimile Edition of the Vernon Manuscript
By Wendy ScaseNick KennedyEvellum

187 x 138 x 12 mm
ISBN 9781851243334

RRP £238.80
Publication 01 Mar 2012

For the first time, the entire Vernon Manuscript is available here in an innovative, highly accessible format. The DVD-Rom contains a full facsimile with images of each page of the manuscript, visible at high magnification, and a complete 'live' transcription of the text with hyperlinks allows for powerful global searches across the entire text.

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An Exile on Planet Earth An Exile on Planet Earth
By Brian Aldiss

Hardback, 192 pages
240 x 164 x 21 mm
ISBN 9781851243730

RRP £19.99
Publication 01 Feb 2012

These personal and revealing essays by the master of science fiction reveal the influences behind his writing and offer new insights into the man and his world.

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The Romance of the Middle Ages The Romance of the Middle Ages
By Nicholas PerkinsAlison Wiggins

Paperback, 152 pages
208 x 210 x 16 mm
ISBN 9781851242955

RRP £19.99
Publication 23 Jan 2012

From King Arthur and the Round Table to Alexander the Great's global conquests, the stories of romance appear in some of the most beautiful books of the Middle Ages. This book provides an engaging and richly illustrated guide to medieval romance and its continuing influence on literature and art.

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Travel: A Literary History Travel: A Literary History
By Peter Whitfield

Hardback, 336 pages
235 x 163 x 32 mm
ISBN 9781851243389

RRP £19.99
Publication 18 Dec 2011

The first general survey of the entire history of travel literature with illustrations reproduced from manuscripts and books in the Bodleian Library's collections. Written in a clear and accessible style, this book highlights over a hundred texts spanning more than 3,000 years from the ancient world to the present day.

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