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Welcome to Bodleian Library Publishing

Bodleian Library Publishing has a diverse list of general interest and scholarly books on a wide range of subjects drawn from or related to the Library's rich collections of manuscripts, rare books, maps, postcards and other printed ephemera.

The list focuses on literature, history, the arts, botany, the military and sport, and titles range from 'The First English Dictionary of Slang, 1699' to 'Postcards from The Trenches'.

For more information or to request a catalogue, contact us on +44(0)1865 283850 or email

New Titles

Secrets in a Dead Fish The Spying Game in the First World War

Drawing on the words of many of the spies themselves, 'Secrets in a Dead Fish' is a fascinating compendium of clever and original ruses that casts new light into the murky world of espionage during the First World War.

The Huns Have Got My Gramophone! Advertisements from the Great War

These charged images from the Great War cover a wide range of products, including trench coats, motor-cycles, gramophones, cigarettes and invalid carriages, all bringing an insight into the preoccupations, aspirations and necessities of life between 1914 and 1918.

From Downing Street to the Trenches First-Hand Accounts from the Great War, 1914-1916

Why did Asquith take Britain to war in 1914? What did educated young men believe their role should be? What was it like to fly over the Somme battlefield? How could a trench on the front line be 'the safest place'? These fascinating contemporary papers paint a highly personal and immediate picture of the war as it happened.

Wilfred Owen An Illustrated Life

Those already familiar with or well-versed in Owen's work will find new material in this book, and those coming to Owen for the first time will enjoy a well researched, yet accessible, illustrated introduction to one of the twentieth century's greatest poets.
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